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The Campaign for America’s Health Centers was launched because the federal Health Centers program faces real threats to its future as a result of actions already taken by and proposals being considered in Congress.  To be successful, the Campaign for America’s Health Centers will need active support not just from people already connected to health centers - staff, boards and patients, but from everyone who believes that every person who needs a health care home should be able to find one at a health center. Join the Campaign for America’s Health Centers NOW!

For every $1 PATHS receives, we will be able to provide close to $7 in healthcare services. 

PATHS' board and staff understand that there is no way that a single organization can be the single answer for a community with health care needs like those that are present in the Dan River Region. However - that's not stopped us from pushing forward.  PATHS takes pride in the strong relationships that have been built between other area organizations that form the local health safety net care delivery system.

While great strides have been taken providing care to those in need, there is still much work to be done.  With your help, PATHS will be able to continue stronger than ever in making sure that everyone who needs care - gets it.

Monthly Gift

Join our monthly giving program and become a 'Partner in Care'.  Just $25 a month makes a considerable difference and saves the lives - especially of those needing expensive medications that aren't available any other way.

Memorial/Honor Gift

Arrange for a gift to be made in memory of a loved one or in honor of major accomplishments or special events to benefit the work of Piedmont Access to Health Services, Inc. PATHS will graciously send mail notification cards.

Single Gift

Make a single gift donation to PATHS. A gift of $50, $75, or $100 can help save the life of a neighbor or loved one in the Dan River Region.

Your gift may be tax deductible.

Online Donation

To make your donation online click on the button below: