Miss Virginia will be in Danville on Friday, May 15th to perform at the 2nd Annual Southside Superstar, a fund raising event to support the work of Piedmont Access to Health Services, Inc. (PATHS). “With the increase in the number of uninsured in Southside Virginia, the success of this event is even more crucial”, states Kay Crane, CEO. We are so excited to have someone who is so committed to the well being of all Virginians, as Miss Virginia to support our work.”

Southside Superstar is being held at Danville’s City Auditorium, located Downtown at the corner of Floyd and Spring. It runs for six weeks and began April 10th. Contestants are judged by three volunteer judges from the community and are given points for their performance. These points are tallied and count for 50% of the total. Then the audience votes by donating $1.00 per vote for their favorite performer. These votes account for 50% of the points and when averaged together performers are sent home based on their weekly scores. The finale will be held Friday, May 15th, beginning at 7:00 p.m.

All funds raised at this event go to direct patient care and are used for medications, specialty care, and other health care that patients can not afford on their own.