What does a health information manager do?

Health information managers (registered record administrators, accredited record technicians, and certified coding specialists) are professionals who secure, analyze, and integrate a variety of health care and financial data used to evaluate patient care, plan health care activities, and help providers.

What might a health information manager do in a workday?

Registered Record Administrator (RRA):

  • interacts with medical, financial, and administrative staff to interpret data for patient care, research, statistical reporting, and planning.
  • protects the privacy of patients’ health information.

Accredited Record Technician (ART):

  • examines medical records for accuracy.
  • reports patient data for reimbursement.
  • creates disease registries for researchers.

Certified Coding Specialist (CCS):

  • assigns a code to each diagnosis and procedure found in a patient’s record.
  • reports codes to insurance companies to pay for a patient’s medical expenses.

How much does a health information manager earn?

  • $30,000 - $55,000

How do I become a health information manager?

Students interested in health information careers should take high school courses in business, computer science, physiology, math, biology, English, and chemistry.

Registered record administrators must earn a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college program and pass a certification exam.

Accredited record technicians must complete an associate degree from an accredited college program or through the American Health Information Management Association’s Independent Study Program and by passing a credentialing exam. Certified coding specialists must have a high school diploma, on-the-job-training, a coding education from seminars or college classes, and pass a certification program.

Where else can I learn about becoming a health information manager?

Virginia Health Information Management Association
213 S. Jefferson Street, Suite 900 / Roanoke, VA 24011
tel:  (540) 224-6836 / web: www.vhima.org

American Health Information Management Association
233 N. Michigan Avenue, 21st Floor / Chicago, IL 60601-5809
tel:  (312) 233-1100 / web: www.ahima.org

The Professional Association of Healthcare Coding Specialists
218 E. Bearss Avenue #354 / Tampa, FL 33613
tel:  (888) 708-4707 / web: www.pahcs.org

Educational Institutions in Virginia for Health Information Managers: