To the editor:  I recently attended a Senate Finance Committee meeting held in Richmond where those on both sides of Medicaid expansion were given three minutes to voice their opinions. It was a long day, and the senators sitting on the committee were obviously growing tired and asked that if a topic had already been covered that folks attending would not speak. Since participants before me had already addressed my concerns over not expanding Medicaid, I declined to speak.


Piedmont Access to Health Services — PATHS — held a “capping off” ceremony at its new expansion Wednesday, celebrating an important milestone in the construction of the 9,000-square-foot addition: the beginning of enclosing the building.

It was concerning that the Virginia General Assembly adjourned its 2014 session without passing the budget, but even more disturbing is the reason for the deadlock — the expansion of Medicaid.

Pediatrician Dr. Robert Broughton has joined Piedmont Access to Health Services’ Danville clinic, seeing patients two days a week.

There’s a lot more than a new parking lot going in across from the Main Street post office.

The wheels on the health care bus continue to go round and round, but confusion over the website, insurance rates, government tax credits and cancelled plans are leaving many people with more questions than answers.

The debate continues to rage over whether the Affordable Care Act, or “Obamacare,” will be the health community’s greatest fix-all or the nation’s worst economic nightmare. But in the midst of all the confusion and speculation, Dan River Region residents can be sure of two things — changes are coming, and local health care providers are ready.

With obesity rates reaching epidemic proportions across the country and with chronic health and quality of life issues driven by obesity, a provider at PATHS decided to do something about it.

Community Health Centers like Piedmont Access to Health Services, Inc. (PATHS) are celebrating Community Health Center Week by providing educational materials to their patients on a wide-range of chronic illnesses.

Pictured Left to Right:  Chris West (District Aide for Congressman Robert Hurt - R-VA 5th District), Gerald W. Wrenn (Boydton's Mayor), Senator Frank Ruff (R-District 15, State of Virginia), & R. Neal Graham (CEO, Virginia Community Health Care Association)